Are you interested in buying a larger home but dread the agonizing task of selling your current home in order to upgrade? Kidney Mortgage has the product for you.


The Kidney Mortgage team can help you offset your mortgage payment by turning your current home into a rental property. That will allow you to buy a second home – the home you have been dreaming of. Why wouldn’t you build equity in your current home while someone else pays your mortgage?


FAQ about this product


Do I need to get a lease agreement signed before getting approved?


No, we contact an appraiser on your behalf and get a market rents letter which gives the lender an estimate of what rental income you will receive to offset your mortgage payment.


How much down payment is required on my purchase?


Just 5%.


What if I don’t have the 5% down payment required?


No worries, we can either take equity out of your current home or the Kidney Mortgage team can set you up with a flexible down payment program where you borrow the down payment.


What kind of rates will I get with this product?


The Kidney Mortgage has many A lenders that will allow us to use this program. You will still get some of the best rates on the market.


If you have any questions about this product contact the Kidney Mortgage today!



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