Do you want to purchase a home but haven’t saved up enough money for a down payment? Don’t worry at Kidney Mortgage we have programs where you don’t need a down payment saved to purchase a home!

Many high-income renters would like to be homeowners, but they’re unaware of how to make the transition and are unable to save fast enough.

Below are the traditional ways to get a down payment:

  1. Savings
  2. Gift from parents
  3. RRSPs
  4. Selling an asset
  5. Inheritance

What if you don’t have enough money from the above options to put down the minimum down payment (5%)?

That’s where a Flexible Down Payment program comes into play. The program allows you to borrow the down payment from other credit sources (Line of Credits and Credit Cards). This gives you the flexibility of not having to use all of your savings in one shot on the down payment and be stressed about your cash.

This program is great for many walks of life!

Where do you apply?

Call the Kidney Mortgage Team today 1-888-594-9473 or apply at


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