Have you been thinking of buying a home to call your own but are not sure where to start?

A lot of first time buyers will get themselves excited by checking out listings online of potential homes they would like to buy. The problem is they are looking at homes at $600,000 when realistically they can’t afford a penny over $400,000. But how are they supposed to know? Who can they turn to for help?

A Kidney Mortgage Team Member can assist you by giving you an accurate price point to shop for. With basic income information, proof of down payment, and a credit check, a Kidney Mortgage Team Member will have you well on your way to being a homeowner. You’ll be able to go to your realtor with confidence and make an offer on a house that you are actually qualified for.

Don’t waste time by not being pre-approved prior to searching for a home. Get Pre-Approved today and you’ll be on your way to supporting the Kidney Foundation of Canada.



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