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Kidney Mortgage team helps young Calgarian navigate her first home purchase

Buying your first home and negotiating your first mortgage are major milestones – not to be taken lightly. 30-year-old Meghan Buckle knew from the start she needed help navigating those big decisions. On the advice of her mom, KFOC board member and long-standing volunteer Sherry Buckle, Meghan reached out to Dillan Kelly, Kidney Mortgage broker, to get expert advice. “Dillan really went the extra mile for me,” she says. “He helped me understand the process, and allowed me a wider range of choices than I thought I had,” she says.


In fact, the Kidney Mortgage team steered Meghan away from the first condo she was considering, raising red flags they saw in the paperwork, and management records of the condo. “It was excellent to have a team of experts advising me. I knew I was in really good hands,” she remembers. “The rate they found was competitive, and often they had same-day turnaround on communication – which is important when deadlines are short,” Meghan notes.


Dave Kelly, Kidney Mortgage Program Coordinator, says Meghan’s story is not unusual.  “Buyers want to know they are making a good decision. We help them navigate the process, including understanding any new mortgage rules. Dillan did a great job for Meghan. Our team cares about getting the lowest rate, and we also focus on reducing risks for our clients.”


Best of all, Meghan bought a place that has become a true home. “I am so close to downtown I can bike to work. I love the neighbourhood, and I love my home,” she smiles. “I had a really positive experience,” she adds. “I would definitely recommend a Kidney Mortgage to my friends and family.” Visit or call 1.888.594.9473 for more information.


Features of a Kidney Mortgage:

$224 donation to the Kidney Foundation of Canada for research, patient programs and organ donation initiatives

Why $224? Every two weeks 224 Canadians are diagnosed with kidney disease.

Quick online application for new mortgages, renewals or refinancing

As a member of Canada’s largest brokerage, the Kidney Mortgage team can negotiate a lower rate than you can – often at your own bank.


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